Brazilian Immigrants in Ontario


Since the 1980s, Brazilian emigration to Canada has increased considerably. Prior to 1991, it is said that 5,295 Brazilian immigrants resided in Canada, while in 2006 this population grew to 15,120. Unfortunately, there have been few studies that examine the composition and needs of Brazilians residing in Canada, and most of these studies are outdated and thereby limit the opportunity to create favourable conditions that benefit this ethno-specific group.

During the summer of 2007, the Brazil Angola Community Information Centre (BACIC) in partnership with various academic researchers led a pilot project that examined the composition and needs of Brazilian residents in Ontario. This project was the first to ever document the characteristics (i.e. socio-demographic information, migratory status, family and social relations, field of work) and immigrant experiences of this group. Participants were recruited through media (radio, TV, online) and through referral by volunteers at the BACIC. In total, 622 people participated in the study and all completed a 50-item questionnaire either online or in person, which was developed by researchers in consultation with the BACIC representatives and volunteers. Detailed findings and recommendations for program development, policy and future research were then published in Portuguese in a report entitled “Brazil, Mostra a Tua Cara: As diversas caras dos imigrantes brasileiros em Ontário” (2008) and later in English in a report entitled “The Many Faces of Brazilian Immigrants in Ontario” (2009).

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